SUMMIT THEMES : Energy, Environment and Economy | Women Empowerment | Entrepreneurship and Innovation | Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises | Policy Intervention | Food Agronomy and Food Processing | Skill Development


With North-East emerging as the new engine of growth, issues related to sustainable and inclusive development have assumed renewed importance. While the United Nation’s universal 2030 Agenda for global Sustainable Development provides the backdrop for our efforts, there are many regional issues that necessitate in-depth study for prioritization and stratesization for achieving inclusive and sustainable development for the north-east. The summit aims at highlighting India’s North-East as a critical hotspot for the convergence of sustainable development leading to the overall holistic growth and progress of the region.

The Summit will provide a platform for experts and thought leaders from different sectors from premier organizations from across the country to discuss, deliberate and arrive at a policy roadmap for sustainable and inclusive development of north-east.


  • How to ensure inclusive development for all strata of the society in the face of rapid economic development?
  • How to ensure ecological sustainability and biodiversity in the face of industrial and economic developments?
  • How to ensure sustainability and global competitiveness of local products?
  • How to ensure basic skills and upgrades for the local population in the face of emerging opportunities and challenges?


  • Energy, Environment and Economy
  • Women Empowerment
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Policy Intervention
  • Food Agronomy and Food Processing
  • Skill Development


Day 1 (26.04.18)
15:00  -   Registration
15:30  -   Inaugural Programme
17:00  -   Inauguration of North-East Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship Pavilion (NESTEP)
17:30-19:00  -   Thematic Session I (Energy, Environment and Economy)
19:00  -   Cultural Programme
20:00  -   Interactive Dinner

Day 2 (27.04.18)
9:30- 11:00  -   Session II (Women Empowerment)
11:30-13:00  -   Thematic Session III (Entrepreneurship and innovation)
13:00-14:00  -   Break and Poster Session
14:00-15:30  -   Thematic Session IV(Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)
16:00-17:30  -   Thematic Session V (Policy Intervention)
18:00  -   Inauguration of KU-NISTADS Centre of Excellence

Day 3 (28.04.18)
9:30- 11:00  -   Thematic Session VI(Food Agronomy and Food Processing)
11:30-13:00  -   Thematic Session VII(Skill Development)
13:00-14:00  -   Break and Poster Session
14:00-15:30  -   Plenary
16:00-17:30  -   Valedictory Function

Day 4 (29.04.18)
06:00  -   Visit to Biodiversity Hotspots (Optional)


CSIR National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies (CSIR NISTADS) is a premier policy research institute under Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). NISTADS covers a broad R&D canvas in multi-disciplinary studies in the interface of science, society and policy; some of the priority areas of NISTADS include policy and innovations for sustainable development, S&T Policy, Data Analytics and social modeling (www.nistads.res.in)

Kaziranga University is one of the largest private universities in North-East India, founded in 2012. It has been established under the Assam Private University Act No. XII of 2007, offering co-temporary education and research relevant to market needs. With an aim of improving people’s lives through education, the University today has distinguished itself as a diverse and socially responsible learning community, dedicated to holistic education and working towards the pursuit of excellence.

Structure of the Event: Sustainable and inclusive development essentially include all aspects of science, technology, sociology and policy. The first NESID Summit aims to bring together scientists, technocrats, sociologists, policy makers and thought leaders from across the country to deliberate on key themes of the summit. The participation is by invitation in for Lead Talks and Invited Talks. Students and Research Scholars can register for Poster Presentations at www.nesids.com

The deliberations on the themes will be synthesized in a Plenary Session and brought out as Policy Reviews and Recommendations.

Venue: Kaziranga University Campus, Koraikhowa, NH-37   Get Direction