About Nesids 2019

Key Issues
How to harness the opportunities offered by the bio-diversity rich region for economic development
How to ensure and build skills in bio-economic activities in the face of emerging opportunities
How to safeguard ecological sustainability in the face of global competitiveness
How to ensure sustainability and inclusive development in bio-economic activities
NESIDS - 2019 will cover, but not restricted to, the following major themes:
Bio-Economy: Global and Regional Perspectives
Biodiversity and Sustainable Bio-Economy
Bio-Economy Potential for North East
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Bio-Economy
Bio-Economy and Women Empowerment
Skill Development for a viable Bio-Economy Economics of Bio-Economy
Agronomical Practices and Policies for Sustainable Bio-Economy
The thematic sessions will be followed by a plenary session and a synthesis session to develop major recommendations and a Roadmap.
The participation will be by invitation and registration. The invited participants will include experts, policy makers, industry leaders and thought leaders from national and regional organisations.
Document on policy advocacy for bio-economy for North-East India along with roadmap for implementation.